nutritional counseling


Initial nutrition assessment

During the initial 75 minute consultation. Relevant nutrition, and medical information will be obtained. Together WE will determine your goals and how to implement small, realistic changes. Basic nutrition education is provided and a meal plan may be developed if indicated. If there is a medical provider or team member (therapist, athletic trainer, coach, psychiatrist, etc.) I will coordinate care and communication.

During 50 minute follow-up sessions, goals will be reviewed and further recommendations may be provided. All sessions can be provided via virtual services via our App or on a desktop through our HIPAA compliant platform. Granting you access to a variety of resources and a secure place to easily communicate with me.


**A Superbill (insurance receipt) can be provided to your insurance company for reimbursement

Restaurant "outing"

This is meant to provide support during restaurant meals to work on mindfulness & food exposure in a restaurant setting that may be challenging for you.


This can be part of any of your sessions. You can work on mindfulness techniques, or challenging some of those fear foods that you have been scared to challenge on your own. 

virtual Meal support

All support meals can be held via telehealth if desired/needed, these will be held on our HIPAA compliant video platform. 

meal support


count nothing.

eat everything.

Eating disorders

Disordered eating


Intuitive eating

Excessive/compulsive exercise

Sports nutrition

adult & adolescent nutrition

HAES (health at every size) approach

Underfueled athletes