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You want the right approach to nutrition to fuel your sport. And just like everything else about sports, it starts with your thinking:

Am I hydrating well?
What do I do if I can’t tolerate nutrition during my training?
How can I maximize my nutrition with so little time?

 If you are like most athletes we need easy practical tips and tricks to help us perform our best without the stress. Join us as we make science sustainable in the space of sports nutrition.

My approach combines an understanding of the science but also a dietary exploration of the relationship one may have with food, weight, performance or body image. Embracing the power of nutrition provides you with sustainable and longevity in your sport!



count nothing.

eat everything.

Fewer things fire me up than being in a room, sharing my passion, educating and stirring up conversations with folks wanting to learn more in the sports nutrition space. I've given presentations all across the united states ranging from the basics of Intuitive Eating, Sports Nutrition 101, Defining and Understanding REDs in Athletes, & The dietitian's role in supporting an athlete.

Each topic is personally tailored to meet your team or coaches needs/objectives. When you pair that with my collaborative stance, and devotion to sports nutrition education, it will leave your audience of coaches, athletic trainers, parents, teachers, dietitians, doctors, students, and more engaged and with longstanding skills for them to implement within their daily lives.

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Intuitive eating

Excessive/compulsive exercise

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HAES (health at every size) approach

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